• The labyrinth stencil worked fantastic! The day started off with some morning sprinkles but then dried up enough before the end of the project that we were able to paint the labyrinth on the blacktop. The moment it dried and lifted off the stencil, the kids started using it. It was so cool to see.

    Thank you again for giving us such a great deal and for helping with shipping!! 

  • Just a “little” note to let you know how much all of your assistance helped us in “BIG” way! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help with my project. I can honestly say, without your help, this project would, at the very least, have been shelved. Or it might have happened, with some lines “scribbled” on the playground in the form of one or two standard hopscotch games! Thanks to you this project has been taken to a whole new level! Your instant willingness to work with me to help make my project happen gave my belief in humanity a boost! It is always encouraging and inspiring when we find people who are still willing to help others. Not only is your help tremendously appreciated, your customer service is amazing as well! Good customer service is hard to come by these days, and wow (!!!), a couple of hours after I placed my order, you had it out the door! THANK YOU! Every year I donate funds to both of our local elementary schools through a Memorial Fund which my family created after my father passed away. The foundation is young and not exactly bubbling over with funds at the moment, however I think every little bit we give to the schools helps them. I always donate in the form of sports equipment, helping out with the dance program at one school, something to get and keep the children active! Recently a teacher had the great idea of painting hopscotch and maybe some other games on the school ground pavement, as the children were always mentioning that they found their playground boring! I wanted to help, and as with all of my projects, I wanted to do it right, so when I found out about the stencils, I had my heart set on working with them as opposed to just laying down a bunch of lines. I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of the children when they see their playground TOTALLY transformed! Everyone involved in this project, the teachers at Hemmingford Elementary School and the painting company which is just trying to get off the ground, want to express their heartfelt appreciation for the generous help from Fast Line Striping Systems. Thank you Tom, for helping the Chuck Catto Memorial Foundation do what we exist to do; help children get and stay active, be creative, use their imagination and most importantly,  put smiles on their faces! 

  • The stencils that you sold us were wonderful.  They held up great and I am sure that we'll be able to reuse them in a few years when we have to repaint. I would be happy to serve as a reference if you have any potential customers that have questions.

  • You were awesome to work with and from the bottom of my heart and all the students and faculty (I am speaking for them), THANK YOU! The stencils could not have come out better!

  • After checking into many vendors, our committee chose Fast Line Striping’s stencils for our school’s playground project.  We liked that the company offered so many great games and detailed information about each one, including instructions on how to play them.  Customer service was topnotch, and we received quick and friendly responses to every email.  The stencils were easy to handle and are definitely sturdy enough to be used again and again. Our students love the new playground games, and we’ve seen a big improvement in both the quality of play and the “fun factor” at recess.  Great pricing, great service, great games—we couldn’t have been more pleased with Fast Line stencils! 

  • Thank you so much for all your help and patience. The school loved how everything has turned out.