Sports Stripe Line Painting System

The Sports Stripe Painting System offers a great package to any size organization.

The Sports Striper Lining Machine, which uses Sports Stripe Paint offers:

  • Adjustable line width of 1” to 6”, paint sprays through a brass valve that paints a perfect crisp edge, even flow of paint
  • Can Caddy Attachment, allows user to carry 6 extra paint cans while line painting the field
  • Minutes to line a field, not hours.  No time consuming clean up, no truck or trailer needed
  • Volunteer User Friendly, so easy to use, 1000s across Canada agree, references available in your area

The Sports Stripe Paint, used exclusively with Sports Striper Lining Machine offers:

  • Case contents- 12 cans
  • Can contents- 624 gram / 22 ounce, largest available in Canada
  • Can output- 500 feet of a perfect 4” wide line
  • Colours- White Blue Yellow Red
  • Water based acyrlic enamel designed for grass only

Application is as easy as shake a can of paint, insert into Sports Striper, squeeze the handle, follow existing line or string with edge of spray. While you're walking you're painting the field lines, change colours by changing cans. That’s it, no kidding...easy, effective, cost efficient= Sports Stripe Line Painting System.

Introductory offers are available. Packages to suit your specific needs. 

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Sports Stripe Paint

Sports Stripe™ Paint is a water based acrylic paint manufactured specifically for grass and will not harm or kill turf. Bright and long lasting, this paint will out perform chalk or powder.

Sports Stripe Product Data:
Case Contents: 12 Cans
Can Contents: 600 grams (21 ounces)
Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Black

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