Fast Line Athletic Field Lining System

The Fast Line Athletic Field Lining System is designed to compete in the “cheap” paint market. Fast Line now offers a method that is comparable and available at the cheapest price in Canada, guaranteed. 

  • Adjustable line width of 1” to 4”, paint cans have universal white spray top
  • Minutes to line a field, not hours.  No time consuming clean up, no truck or trailer needed
  • Volunteer User Friendly, easy to use, a good method for the budget

Fast Line Athletic Paint- compatible with all machines that use/open cans with a white top

  • Case contents- 12 cans
  • Can contents- 510 gram / 18 ounce
  • Can output- 300 feet
  • Colours- White Yellow Orange
  • Water based acyrlic enamel designed for grass only

Field Lining White Paint / Fast Line 5 gallon pails, ENNIS Paint -  please call for more information.

Fast Stripe Paint

Fast Stripeā„¢ Paint is a solvent based traffic paint formulated into an aerosol spray methodĀ compatible with Fast Striper and Sports Striper lining machines.

Fast Stripe Product Data:
Case Contents: 12 Cans
Can Contents: 600 grams (21 ounces), largest available in Canada
Colors: White, Blue, Yellow

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