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Proudly serving Eastern Ontario.

Based on the number of requests, we implemented a new service in 2015 – the application of exciting games for your playground. You are now able to select from our wide variety of playground stencils and decide when and where the stencils will be applied. We encourage you to browse our entire lineup of stencils and begin planning your new and improved playground. 

Visit our online gallery here to see some photos of the high-quality work that we've done across Eastern Ontario: 

Playground Art Gallery


To allow schools to have more control over how their playgrounds will look without being restrained by budget limitations or the difficulties of “doing it yourself”. With this in mind, we’ve priced and designed our service to be incredibly affordable and easy.  


Choose the games you want, pick any colour(s), and tell us where to paint — its as simple as that. The turnaround time should be around 1-2 weeks. During that time, we'll conduct a free consultation so that we can measure out the area and discuss the placement of games with you. Once confirmed, we’ll make the stencils and return to paint. The actual painting process would take place on a day after school during the week or on the weekend (when there won’t be “kid traffic”). 


Any of our ever-expanding lineup of playground games can be chosen for your playground. Any colour from our selection of paints can be chosen (multiples permitted). 


1. How long will the paint last? 

All the paints we sell and use are a solvent based traffic paint designed for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Guarantees are difficult as we have no idea of the traffic flow through your playground area. If this playground get's children foot traffic, game playing, bike riding, skateboarding, normal recess play then you should expect a painted game life expectancy of 4-5 years. If this playground gets car traffic and regular snow removal in the winter months then the painted games will last 3 years. A good example to consider is a very busy "drive thru" at a fast food restaurant, more traffic, more wear on the painted lines, resulting in a yearly repaint. Playgrounds certainly do not have that amount of traffic flow.

2. What colours do you have? 

We have virtually every colour in the rainbow. White, yellow, green, orange, red, light blue, dark blue, pink, purple, and black.

3. Do you refurbish or refresh older games?

Yes, we are happy to repaint older, faded games. 

4. Do you have a minimum order value?

Our minimum order is $500, before tax. 

5. How much does the application of each stencil cost?

Please contact for price quotes — we are happy to create a bundle of games that will fit your budget. 

6. Do you paint on older/uneven pavement?

Uneven/poor condition pavement should not be a problem. When pavement is not in the best shape, we take all precautions to tape the stencils and heavily weight them so that they contour to the asphalt. We are also diligent to get rid of dirt, pebbles, etc. That being said, paint will not bond to cracked asphalt with exposed dirt and will result in a spotty final product. Since we use bright, vibrant colours, our stencils are a great face-lift for an older, greyish pavement.