Playground Game Stencils

Extra Stencils

  • 36” Disabled/ Handicap
    36” Disabled/ Handicap

    Fast Line Stencils are designed to be durable, long lasting and of the highest quality.

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  • Canadian Flag
    Canadian Flag

    Allows children to learn and recognize the flag of Canada.

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  • Fire Drill - Safe Location Kit
    Fire Drill - Safe Location Kit

    Shapes placed in a safe area for classes to line up behind during a fire drill or emergency.

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  • Footprints (“Human Foot” Print)
    Footprints (“Human Foot” Print)

    Human foot prints can be laid out in any fashion to create a trail to follow.

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  • Giant Target
    Giant Target

    This is a playground game that can be used to assist children in using their basic motor skills and throwing accuracy.

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  • Jumbo Dice
    Jumbo Dice

    To be used with games that requires random movement.

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  • Playground Picture Frame
    Playground Picture Frame

    A place for children to show their artistic skills drawing with chalk.

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  • Say “No” to Strangers Logo Stencil
    Say “No” to Strangers Logo Stencil

    This is a visual reminder for children not to talk or leave with someone they do not know.

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