Back to School

Preparing for students to return to the classroom this fall may feel significantly different when compared to last year. Face masks and shields, social distancing, and monitoring of health symptoms are just a few of the changes that have impacted our daily lives.

The implementation of social distancing for students is a focus of many educators at this time. We have come up with a few ideas for social distancing that will appeal to both students and educators! Ringed numbers are a colourful and fun way to promote the idea of 2 metres (6 feet) in between each students when lining up to enter the school or waiting for the bus. We have sets of rings numbered from 1 to 50 that can be used multiple times - if you need more or fewer numbered rings, we can do that for you. Paint each row of numbered rings a different colour to differentiate the class. Assign a number to each student in the class to minimize the chaos. We also have footprints and tracks of different animals that can be used to implement social distancing in line-up lines.

Outdoor play is an essential component of the school day. Fast Line Striping Systems manufactures hundreds of playground stencils that can be strategically placed to meet the social distancing requirements. Take a look at the playground art gallery at and a youtube video showing a playground transformation If you have an idea that you would like to implement, we can design and manufacture a stencil based on your idea. 

We also make a Health Canada Licensed face shield that can be used in conjunction with a face mask or as an alternate protective barrier in some situations. A face shield may be considered when an individual experiences difficulties wearing a face mask or when there is a need for nonverbal facial communication. When outdoors, the FLS Ball Cap Face Shield is a viable option available for both adults and children. 

By introducing a few changes to the schoolyard, the transition from home to school may be a little easier for both students and educators.