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Fast Stripe
Sports Stripe
Job Liner

When you invest in paint from Fast Line, you will feel confident that many years of development have gone into creating a product that is specifically tailored to work seamlessly with your line striping system.

Fast Stripe paint, available in 20 ounce (550 gram) cylinders, is of the very highest quality.

Note that most of our competitors offer their paint in 16 and 18 ounce cylinders. When comparing our paint to others always consider the “ounce to ounce” comparison: lower prices do not always equal better value.

Our customers know that they can attain significant costs savings when they are using Fast Line paint products with Fast Line stripers.

Simply put – Fast Stripe and Sports Stripe paint go further and last longer.

Our asphalt and concrete “Fast Stripe” paint has been designed to withstand heavy traffic and still remain sharp and visual. Our grass and field “Sports Stripe” paint is a water based acrylic enamel specifically designed and manufactured to last longer on grass and hold its vividness.